Rainbow Wall in Brooklyn Engagement session (Dumbo)

1- Tell us how you first met? who what when where why? Give us the dirty details.

We first met in Bristol, CT. The ESPN Headquarters actually. We both worked for ESPN (me in NYC, Melissa in Burbank) but met at a sales conference with a number of ESPN employees. She actually started flirting with me first, it was pretty obvious actually, and then things went from there. I saved her a seat one of the days of the conference and talked for most of the time. We hit it off at that conference and continued on from there.

2- When did you know she/he was the one? 

I wish there was some sort of big moment to share but there wasnt one for me. Melissa has been the same exact person from the day I met her. She has never wavered from the person that she is and i adore that about her. I guess i've always known though, how often do you meet a gorgeous girl, who loves sports, loves how crazy I am about sports and laughs at most of my jokes? There's like a .0000003% chance of that happening. She's been the one for a long time.

3  Tell us about the proposal (Did you see it coming? celebration? 

I wanted the proposal to be something that she would love. I knew that she didnt want it in front of a big group and something a little more just her and I. So I decided I wanted to do it in our apartment but needed her out of the apartment. Luckily she had a football game and was gone for  a few hours on Saturday, November 1st. During that time, I got a bottle of champage and pasted the walls with photos of her & I throughout the years and spelled out I love you. I think she was quite surprised and it actually worked out quite perfectly (atleast I think so!)

4- Tell us one thing you Love the most about each other

I love how passionate Melissa is. She always stands by her opinion and always has an opinion and that's something I truly admire and love about her. I dont always have that same passion and I love that my partner for life does.

5- What's one thing you are looking forward to on your Engagement session Would you like some classic, retro, Vintage, etc, style?

 I'm just looking forward to taking some really nice photos together. it's one of those few moments that you dont get to do together too often so looking forward to having fun with Melissa (and our new puppy!)

Rainbow Wall in Brooklyn Engagement session

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