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Unveiled Weddings
Husband & wife-helmed photography studio offering timeless results with a fresh, modern perspective. We passionately capture weddings, elopements, engagements & proposals in New York City, the Tri-State area & beyond. #loveforall


So, who exactly is answering these questions?

Glad you asked. That would be me, Lauren, your Studio Director. I handle everything on the business side at Unveiled Weddings (and leave shooting to the pro’s!), which pretty much means I’m your behind-the-scenes, wedding logistics ninja for everything pre & post I do’s.

Where are you based?

We are headquartered in New York City, with curated teams of photographers and cinematographers based in New York and Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Do you have a physical studio location?

Nope, we don’t have a physical studio location. Rather, we operate in a “studio” capacity with a team of dedicated professionals from myself and founding partner-in-crime, Alberto (Creative Director + Principal Photographer), to our talented Lead Photographers & Cinematographers. All of our shoots are done on-location at a setting of your choosing - no 1980s style, in-studio portrait sessions here. ;)

Where do you shoot?

We are available for weddings throughout New York City and the Tri-State area, all along Mexico’s Riviera Maya (Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, Cancún & more) and beyond!

Are you available for destination weddings?

Absolutely. As bonafide travel addicts, it doesn't take a lot of arm twisting to get us to shoot a destination wedding. ;) Domestic or international, from sand to snow, we're available to travel wherever your heart takes you! Contact us now to discuss your destination I do's. #passportready

What is your wedding photography style?

As storytellers of your day, our artists shoot primarily photojournalistic - meaning they capture real, as-they-happen emotions and every important moment in candid fashion, exactly as your wedding day unfolds. We leave plenty of room for editorial-style creatives during the bride + groom session as well, which can be as dramatic and posed or as natural and unposed as you’d like them to be! And the family + wedding party portraits? We can keep them as formal as you’d like, or as fun/silly as you’d like. After all, there ain’t no party like a wedding party, amirite?

Above all, our artists shoot with a natural, fun and always authentic approach, leading to beautiful and genuine documentation. Plus, everyone takes great care to be as unobtrusive as possible. This means no photographers leaping down the aisle to get the shot, blinding you with flash during your vows, shoving their camera in your face during the cake cutting, or otherwise causing a scene - and distracting you from your day!

Why should we hire you when we can find someone cheaper?

Great question! Truth is, there’s always someone out there offering a cheaper price. And we totally understand the wish to save funds on what’s already a rather pricey day. Ultimately though, it comes down to at what cost are you saving funds? If you’re receiving quotes that are very low, there’s a reason for it. Usually being that the photographer or videographer is new and not very experienced, is shooting with low-grade equipment, isn’t insured, or otherwise cutting corners - and not offering true transparency.

Don’t forget that after your wedding day is over, your photos and film are what remain! Turning the irreplaceable memories of your day into visual memories to last ever after. You are placing these memories into the hands of your photographer and/or cinematographer, and it’s simply not worth the risk to gamble on the cheapest quote. Lack of experience, missed shots, poor consistency, low quality images and lack of transparency all add up to a high cost in the end.

I’ve found other photographers & cinematographers with similar pricing, who also have great portfolios. Why should we hire you over them?

Glad you asked. We know you have a lot of options when it comes to hiring your wedding photographer and/or cinematographer, many of whom are talented, reasonably priced and with great portfolios. Here are a few reasons why we like to think we rise above the crowd:

1. We’ve been through the process ourselves. As a husband & wife helmed team, myself & Alberto know exactly what it means to plan a wedding day. Not just the planning, but the excitement, emotions and responsibilities that all come with it! We know firsthand how important your wedding day is, not to mention everything else on your plate, which is why we’re committed to making your photography & cinematography experience as seamless as possible - from pre-wedding communication to day-of to final (gorgeous!) product.

2. We truly care! As a boutique studio, we operate as a small yet mighty team dedicated to producing stunning, heartfelt results you will look back on and love for years to come. We capture weddings not because we have to, but because we want to - and most importantly, love to! Each wedding is so unique and our entire team is inherently passionate about telling your individual love story. We are truly as invested in your wedding as you are, and are committed to going above and beyond to ensure the most beautiful photos and films to last a lifetime.

3. Our artists are awesome, talented and then some. All of our photographers and cinematographers are hand-selected and vetted to the highest standards by Alberto, our Creative Director & Principal Photographer. This means our New York and Riviera Maya teams are assembled from only the highest talent, not to mention are all down-to-earth, fun, friendly and all-around awesome. (No ego trips here!) All of our artists are full-time Lead Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers who take their craft incredibly seriously. You can rest assured no one on our team shoots part-time, is a hobbyist, student, intern or otherwise inexperienced.

4. You have a dedicated wedding concierge. As Studio Director, I am dedicated full time to details, logistics and leaving no stone unturned. As your go-to resource I am here to answer any/all questions pre and post-wedding, including helping you map out your day-of timeline. I’m a believer in speedy replies, so you’ll never wait days on end to have any questions answered. Plus, by taking the business end off the shoulders of our artists, this means they get to focus on what they do best - capture your day! It’s really a win-win.

5. All of our editing is done in-house. Nothing is outsourced. By eliminating the variable of a 3rd party, we’re not only able to offer quicker turnaround (no dealing with unnecessary back/forth) but we’re also able to guarantee a consistent aesthetic in our photos - not to mention a more personalized experience.

6. We offer a lifetime print release. Unlike some wedding photography and videography studios, we extend a lifetime release to all clients to print files through whomever you like, whenever you like. We DO offer printing services from our network of professional labs (at competitive prices to boot), however we don’t require that you print through us. With the flexibility of a lifetime print release, you’re not stuck with us for life for all of your printing needs!

7. We are flexible! Our photography & cinematography packages are strategically designed to maximize your day, and your budget. That said, we know weddings are not one-size-fits-all, and we’re always happy to design a custom package based on your unique needs.

8. We are transparent. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent, honest and up front at all times. You will know exactly who your Lead Photographer and/or Cinematographer are at time of booking. And duh, of course you have input in selecting your talent! Your Lead Shooters are always confirmed and written out in your contract, so you’re not left to wonder who the heck is shooting your wedding day. Also, the price quoted to you at time of booking is your final price. We don’t surprise you with last-minute fees or expenses, ever.

What are your starting prices?

Our full day Wedding Collections range from $2999.00 - $5999.00, priced separately for Photography and Cinematography. Pricing varies dependent upon time, extras and your artist(s), among other variances.

Do you offer elopements, or only full weddings?

Absolutely! We love capturing intimate ceremonies. Please contact us for rate information and further details. We’re also happy to recommend an officiant as well as location suggestions.

I’m looking for a multi-hour couples portrait session. Is that something you offer?

It definitely is. We love shooting couples portraits all over the city, whether you’re pre-engagement, post-wedding or celebrating a 10 year anniversary! Please contact us for rate information and further details. We’re more than happy to offer location suggestions and route recommendations as well.

Do you photograph same-sex/LGBT weddings?

Absolutely. We firmly believe in love for all, regardless of gender, identity or affiliation. Love WINS.

How long before the wedding should we book you?

We typically book anywhere from 6 months to over a year in advance, so the simple answer is - the sooner the better! That’s not to say you can’t reach out last minute and luck out, but the earlier you book, the greater chance you have of guaranteed availability - and your 1st choice of artist.

What are your booking requirements?

We require a 50% deposit at time of booking to save-the-date; balance due 1 month prior to your wedding day.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via check, Venmo, QuickPay or credit card. Please note in the event you wish to submit payment via credit card, a 3.5% convenience fee is added to your total.

Will you help us with our wedding day timeline?

Absolutely. We know your wedding day comes once in a lifetime, and can be an overwhelming feat to plan! With hundreds of weddings under our belts, we’re more than happy to offer advice and insight in helping you organize your day - from how much time to spend on getting ready photos to do you want a 1st look (and what is a 1st look?), when to schedule the wedding party & family portraits to what needs to get covered at the reception, etc.

Do you offer wedding albums and prints?

We absolutely do. We are proud to offer beautiful, keepsake albums and prints to store memories for a lifetime from your wedding day - not just for yourself, but family members too! Wedding Albums range from fine leatherbound, linen, wraparound hardcover and more with numerous design options, while prints range from 4x6 lustre copies to stunning oversized canvases, mounted prints, metal wall art and more. Please contact us for details and pricing on all available options.

What kind of equipment does your team shoot with?

All of our photographers shoot with pro gear - either Nikon or Canon DSLR - and arrive to each wedding with a primary camera, backup camera, and a number of lenses. Further, all team members bring speedlights (external flash) for use, when necessary, in low light situations, as well as multiple memory cards for immediate file storage and backup.

Can you shoot indoors and/or at night?

You’re darn right we can! All of our artists are capable, experienced and ready to shoot indoors and/or at night. Everyone attends all weddings equipped with speedlights (external flash) for use in low to no-light situations.

Can you shoot in the rain or snow?

Yes! Well, most of the time. Photography and cinematography in light drizzle/snowfall can be accommodated - and can lead to incredibly stunning results! If it’s a total downpour however, no dice. Not only would equipment be at risk for damage, but so would your wedding gown. ;)

Does your team carry general liability insurance, and can you provide an insurance certificate to my venue?

Yes, and yes! All of our photographers and cinematographers carry general liability insurance, and we are absolutely happy to produce COIs to your venue when requested.

Do I get to choose my photographer and cinematographer?

Is there any other way? We know your wedding day comes once in a lifetime, and how important it is to have someone you feel passionate about document your day. We wouldn’t dare blindly assign someone to it! Please take a look at our New York artists here, and our Riviera Maya artists here. We always ask for your top 3 choices in order of preference, and from there we can confirm who is available. Your Lead Photographer and/or Cinematographer is written into your contract at time of signing, so there’s absolutely no guessing!

When do I get to speak with my photographer and cinematographer?

Immediately after booking! Once you’ve saved-the-date for your wedding day, next steps are to speak directly with your Lead Photographer and/or Cinematographer. We will give an approved cell # to your artist, so he or she can reach out to you directly, connect and chat creative direction. :)

How do I know if I need a 2nd Shooter?

We typically recommend 2nd Shooters for weddings approaching, and over, the 100 guest mark. This is when having a 2nd Shooter will be extremely helpful in capturing even more angles, perspectives and moments throughout your day! A 2nd Shooter can also be very helpful if you and your fiancé are getting ready in separate locations, as this means your Lead Photographer can be in 1 place and your 2nd Shooter in another. In that respect, 2nd Shooters are also helpful when it comes to time efficiency.

Do you require vendor meals?

Yes. For all weddings 6 hours and over, we ask that you provide 1 vendor meal to both your Lead and 2nd Shooter to keep them fueled throughout the day. By all means, please feed the talent. ;)

Can I give you/do you need a shot list?

The only shot list that’s a must is for family portraits. Your wedding day could very well be the only time all of your & your fiancé’s family members are in one place, and for obvious reasons we certainly don’t want to miss a shot! We’ll check in with you about a month before your wedding day to request an outline of all family portraits you want taken, so your Lead Photographer can review and be better organized day-of.

Aside from family portraits, you are welcome to send us additional shot requests as well! These can be in the form of a written list, a link to a Pinterest board where you’re compiling inspiration, or images shared via email, WeTransfer, Drive, etc.

Sending photo inspiration is completely optional and entirely up to you. We are happy to take direction and be as collaborative as you’d like us to be when it comes to your vision for your wedding day, or we can take the reigns as much as needed. :)

How many photos will we receive?

Generally speaking, you will receive approximately 50-100 final, edited images per hour of shoot time, all meeting our professional, technical and artistic standards. The images you receive are culled and edited to perfection from thousands of frames shot throughout a full wedding day, leaving you with beautiful, high-quality images that capture and tell the story of your day. The ones that don’t make the cut? These are the bloopers - blurry and out of focus, unideal angles, shots where your eyes are shut, a person stepped into the frame, etc. Trust us, nobody needs to see those!

What format are files delivered in, and how are they delivered?

All images are delivered as watermark-free, high-resolution JPEG files; films are delivered in HD 1080p. All files are delivered via digital download - no waiting on a USB or other external hard drive to arrive in the mail!

Once your images are ready, we will send you a link to a private online gallery where you can view, share and download the high-res files. Prints can even be purchased directly from this gallery as well, ranging from high-quality lustre prints to mounted prints, wraparound canvas to metal wall art.  

Similarly once your films are ready, we will send you a link to a private Vimeo page where you can view, share and download files with friends and family.

Do you deliver raw files?

We do not. What you receive from us are professionally edited images meeting our artistic and technical standards - a true finished product! Imagine ordering a cake from the best bakery in town, and receiving a tray full of the ingredients. You’d probably say what the heck, right? You hired the baker for a cake after all, not an unfinished product. Similarly, raw, unfinished images are a poor representation of the brand and style we continually work so hard to cultivate. We take great care in culling and editing your wedding day images to provide you with a beautifully finished product that’s ready to view, share and print! For this reason, we do not offer shoot-and-burn photography.

Same goes for video. What do envision when you think of raw video footage? A continuous stream of video for the 8 hours your cinematographer filmed? Nope - think again. If you were to receive raw video footage from an 8-hour wedding, you would literally received hundreds of start-and-stop clips as filmed throughout the day, not to mention separate audio files. Trying to view raw video footage as-is would be a very frustrating, time consuming experience. Plus, it will take up an insane amount of space wherever you are storing said files.

Which is precisely why, in all of our Cinematography Collections, we include (in addition to your Highlight) what we call a “Wedding Day Collection.” This is a set of light edited, documentary-style clips capturing all of your important events throughout the day, such as your 1st look (if you’re having one), full ceremony start-to-finish, full speeches & toasts, first dances, bouquet toss, cake cutting, and more. There’s really not much that raw footage would offer that this doesn’t already cover, so we don’t even recommend it!

What is your photo editing style?

We don’t necessarily have a one-wedding-fits-all editing style, however for the most part we edit clean. This means adjusting lighting, tones, shadows and more to provide you with bright, beautiful and natural images. Out of any given wedding most images will remain in color, while some will be delivered in black & white - you know, the dramatic shots that should be in black & white! All said, we love being collaborative in our editing style and will consult with you prior to your wedding day to find out more about what you’re looking for. Don’t want any black & whites at all? Want a more retro/vintage-y look? Do you want your images to read bright and natural, or more moody and dramatic? Let us know and we can easily tailor our editing to meet your vision.

What kind of retouching do you offer? Do you offer photoshopping?

All images include professional editing such as lighting and tone adjustment, image straightening and cropping, corrections to color balance, highlights and shadows, and more.

Advanced editing & photoshop requests such as skin correction, body contouring, object and/or person removal, background replacement, etc are not included, however are available for an additional charge.

How long does it take to get our photos?

You’ll be happy to know that we pride ourselves on quick turnaround times! With all of our image processing and editing done in-house, this means we’re able to offer pretty speedy file delivery. A maximum turnaround time of 4 weeks from the date of your wedding is listed in your contract, however most of the time we have all of your images ready as soon as within 2-3 weeks!

Film turnaround takes a bit longer due to the time-intensive nature of film editing, typically ready within 4-6 weeks from the date of your wedding.

Who owns the files?

We retain ownership of all image and video files, however you as the client are extended a lifetime release for personal use. This means that you are free to view, share, post, download and print to your heart’s desire. The only thing you can’t do is use the images for commercial purposes - like selling them for a profit. (But why would anyone do that anyways?)

P.S. If sharing through social media, we do of course appreciate shout-outs. ;) Find links to our social channels in the top right corner here.

On our end, we only make image and video reproductions for yourselves as the bride + groom, and would never, ever sell your files elsewhere either! We do use selected images from any given wedding for our website, social media channels and portfolio galleries, and may submit images for “Real Weddings” features in bridal publications with your permission only.

Can I print the files anywhere I want?

You sure can. Included in all wedding packages is a lifetime release to print files through any vendor you like, whenever you like. We DO offer high-quality printing services from our network of professional labs (at competitive prices to boot!), however we don’t require that you print through us.