Unveiled Weddings
Unveiled Weddings
Wedding photography & videography, simplified. Husband & wife-led team passionately capturing love stories in New York City, the Tri-State area & Destination. Firm believers in #loveforall
 Foto por Gareth Davies Photography (www.garethdavies.mx)


Hi there! I´m Gareth, a photographer with an incessant passion about creating photos that ooze vibe and emotion portrayed through light. This passion has permitted me to capture the unique essence and personality of every wedding couple, and convey that essence via everlasting photographic imagery. I genuinely enjoy weddings and I´m madly passionate about focusing all my energy and creativity on your wedding day to bring out the most fun, intimate, tear-jerking, ridiculous, hilarious and stunning images for you to reflect upon in years to come! All things photography aside, I'm an avid traveler, nature lover and humanitarian. 

1. Your wedding photography style in 5 words or less:

Editorial, spontaneous, creative, mucho fun!  

2. Favorite part of the wedding day to photograph: 

It's hard to define this, as every wedding is so distinct and conveys emotion at so many different moments in so many different ways. Bride & Groom portraits are definitely up there as I love putting couples in a situation that provokes a natural reaction. The getting ready session is also one of my favorites as the arrival of family members or close friends or seeing the bride can provoke such emotional and photogenic moments.

3. Favorite/craziest wedding moment you’ve captured: 

When the entire wedding party once ended the night dancing in the resort's pool - fully clothed. Olé!

4. If you could shoot a wedding anywhere in the world, it would be: 

Hawaii is most certainly on my dream list.

5. If I weren’t a wedding photographer, I would be: 

A traveling techie!