La Habana, Cuba

Coming to Cuba is still a unique experience that you will not find in other countries in the world. Although Raul Catro was a little more "soft" than his brother Fidel Castro. Cuba still has that scent of Socialism. People prefer not to speak or give their opinion about the government because they fear how the government would respond. The first time I was in La Habana (or Havana), Cuba was a little more than 20 years ago, at that time it was completely forbidden to say anything against Fidel.
The classic cars, posters supporting the Revolution can be seen in any part of the country. In Havana, the old buildings and the radio that the government continues to control abound, every 30 minutes announcements are told telling stories of the revolution that nobody knows if they were true or not. The truth is that Cuba has many things that the rest of the world does not have and would like to have .. It is a country that offers excellent education for free, crime almost does not exist, do not suffer from drug trafficking, etc. Cuba has many problems, nobody denies it but its people are still friendly, honest, warm and above all happy. Cubans are made to survive in any situation. 
Whatever Cuba is, it is a wonderful and unique place thanks to its people, history, rum, cigars and much much more. A place you have to visit before you change either with family or friends. Cuba has fun for everyone. In the next blog I will talk about some tips regarding Cuban currency, Wifi, and getting around in Cuba. for more: 

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Growing up in the vibrant surroundings of Mexico City, I developed an eye for beauty from a young age - be it in the obvious or the unexpected. After moving to New York City in 2002, I turned this eye into my passion: photography. I studied at The New York Institute of Photography and currently belong to the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  I've been honored to have showcased my work at numerous exhibitions including at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, Museo del Barrio in Harlem and Art in Times Square, and was thrilled to be selected as a photo contributor in National Geographic’s “Life in a Day” film (2011) produced by Ridley Scott.  

I am bi-lingual in Spanish & English; available for weddings in the New York City area, Mexico and further destinations. When not busy taking pictures, I can be found writing my first book "Aprende Fotografia y su Negocio," working on language #3 (German), and scouring the food scene for the perfect taco al pastor (not so easy). I currently reside on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with my wife and partner in crime, Lauren.

 From weddings, engagements and proposals to family and individual portraits, locations to events, let my team & I turn your moment into something spectacular!